Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process in which civil matters are resolved in a court of law. Civil matters can be described as situations dealing with relationships between people, such as a contract dispute. Scarlett & Hirsch, P.A. is a full service civil litigation firm which represents individuals and businesses throughout the State of Florida. Our attorneys have a genuine concern for clients’ rights and are here to assist before, during, and after a dispute arises.

We provide assistance with all types of general civil litigation in both state and federal courts including but not limited to:

Business Litigation

Breach of contract claims and defenses, corporate litigation involving business disputes, actions for fraud, tortious interference with contract, unfair and deceptive trade practices, civil fraud, civil theft, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder derivative actions infringement of intellectual property rights and unfair competition.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Residential and commercial evictions, disputes for failure to pay rent, abandonment, quiet enjoyment claims, security deposit claims, disputes involving sub-leasing, and disputes regarding tenant improvements.

Real Estate Disputes

Complaints between real estate agents and brokers commissions, disputes involving the purchase and sale of property, and disputes involving homeowner’s associations.

Probate Estate Litigation

Wills and trusts interpretations, will and trust contests, breach of fiduciary duty actions against trustees, undue influence claims, and beneficiary representation.

Some of our recent civil litigation related matters have included:

  • Representation of clients with regards to action for default on promissory notes.
  • Representation of client with regards to products liability.
  • Representation of client with regards to employment discrimination.
  • Representation of plaintiffs in nationwide class actions involving securities fraud.
  • Representation of real estate agent with regards to security deposit return after breach of contract.
  • Representation of a corporate board members involved in a shareholder derivative action

The attorneys at Scarlett & Hirsch, P.A. tailor our legal services to provide practical solutions for the varied issues you may be experiencing. Our litigation philosophy includes realistic counseling of clients prior to the institution of, and throughout the litigation process. The process begins with an investigation and evaluation of a client’s claims and/or defenses, and an analysis of our client’s rights, duties and obligations in order to effectively evaluate the case consistent with our client’s expectations and goals. By engaging our clients and effectively counseling them concerning the litigation process, our clients have the opportunity and tools to make more informed decisions; specifically on whether to litigate or settle disputes.

Our attorneys value your time. With years of experience in civil litigation, mediation and arbitration, our attorneys make every effort to assist our clients in avoiding litigation where appropriate. However, if the need for litigation arises, our diligence, ingenuity and meticulous preparation gives us an edge as confident, effective advocates who fight for our clients rights.